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Red Brass Nipples

Red Brass Nipples

United Brass Export provides Brass Nipples to connect valves and fittings.
Finishes for Brass Nipples include:

  • Chrome Plated
  • Rough Brass

Brass nipples are designed and manufactured in accordance with Federal Specification ASTM B687-88 .

• Brass Nipples are used for Water in Commercial Plumbing, Oil, Gas and Steam Applications, and OEM Applications.
• Also, Brass Nipple Piping Products are in Demand for Maintenance and Repair Purposes.

United Brass Export offers many assorted Brass Nipples, Aluminum Nipples, Stainless Steel Nipples. Also, at United Brass Export we offer brass fittings as well as the nipples. Furthermore, we are the nation’s leading supplier of pipe nipples and fittings.  If you need your pipe nipples on time order from us today!

Brass Nipples available in the following sizes:
  1/8″ x Length   1-1/4″ x Length
  1/4″ x Length   1-1/2″ x Length
  3/8″ x Length   2″ x Length
  1/2″ x Length   2-1/2″ x Length
  3/4″ x Length   3″ x Length
  1″ x Length   4″ x Length